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Welcome To Sung Jingles

The best feeling of your radio sound are sound jingles that can stick in the minds of people forever. Most of us don’t remember the radio stations liners, but we can easiy recall the music sung jingles that sounded to us.

Whats your brand!

We will sing in melody.

Sung Jingles last forver, let us jelp ypu create it.


What Our Clients are Saying

“A Great Find”

“I have been searching for a service like this for a long time now: you did a great job for my new station; we needed to rebrand, and you did just that with great expertise.”

– Jason Bell – The Fish 95.5 Cleveland , OH

“Fabulous sound now”

I came in with the script, and you had it sung in great melodies! Hey You are awesome, but make more than two voices in one track composition and let’s see how that also goes- thanks”

Dj Craig Twitty – New York Underground 

“Another successful experience”

” I have been using you radio imaging services ( Top Radio Jingles ) for a while now, and when the sung jingles service came in, I said to myself, let me try this, hey I must say you nailed it, the commercial in melody form was so nice to listen and play on repeat. – Jonny Blades – Fresh 92.7 FM Adelaide –Australia,





“I call your service clean clear crystal sound. it couldnt be better. I like the work, my podcast sounds top class now. You are the best in your best. I wish I could compose this into a song. haha keep it up.”

– Lucia Young  -The besties Podcast

Sung jingles for radio and tv

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